Visit to the Royal Society

A group of 12 Year 10 students went on an educational visit with the Science Department to London this term in order to attend the Royal Society annual summer exhibition at their Headquarters.

The Royal Society is one of the world’s foremost science research bodies and has amongst its fellows some of the world’s top scientists including Nobel Prize winners.

The science exhibition is an update of current research being carried out in Britain that is of world importance.
This year our students were able to quiz some of the top researchers in the fields of physics, including anti matter, galaxy building and the recent research on gravitational waves. The chemistry included the structure of the diamond, storage of carbon dioxide and the recycling of plastic from the oceans. The biology included the quantum secrets of photosynthesis and the use of spider’s silk for making cloth.

Our commitment as a school was again noted by the Royal Society and we have been invited to apply to be an associate school later in the year.

Also included in the trip was a visit to the science museum where the group saw the first model of DNA, Stephensons Rocket, the first aircraft to fly the Atlantic ocean and the Apollo 10 capsule that had flown around the moon. Students were particularly interested in the space gallery where there is a piece of moon rock from Apollo 16. 

In addition to this the group visited the Olympic park at Stratford where the 2012 Olympics were held and also completed some sightseeing in Westminster, along the River Thames and also Buckingham Palace.

All of the students who attended the event thoroughly enjoyed their time learning about the fantastic opportunities that are available for them in science including some of the best universities in the world.