Pastoral Care

Students are organised into mixed ability registration forms upon entry into the school.  Each form group has a form teacher and a student progress mentor.

At Dowdales we take our responsibility for the care and welfare of our students as a matter of the highest importance. We pride ourselves on being a cohesive community, respectful and supportive of each other. Mutual respect and responsibility has created an outstanding teacher-student rapport. There is a stress on the importance of care: for ourselves, each other, our community and our environment. Our teaching and support staff are committed to ensuring that students learn and grow within a safe, supportive environment.

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Achievement Leaders

Each year group is assigned an Achievement leader. Their main focus is to support all students in their specific year to make excellent academic and personal progress enabling students to enjoy, achieve, make a positive contribution and make four levels of progress.

Achievement leaders also liaise with parents and carers, external agencies where appropriate, teaching and support staff to promote positive partnerships that support high expectations and excellent outcomes for all students.





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