Key Stage 4

In Key Stage 4 students study the AQA Drama syllabus. This excellent course encourages students to build upon prior success from Key Stage 3.

Students are again able to perform and create work from a variety of styles the most popular being Acting and Improvisation. Each cohort will have a tailor-made curriculum suited to the needs of the group. As well as performing, students are also assessed on their group work and devising a skill, which aims to provide opportunities to build and develop leadership, independence and teamwork, all of which are valuable life skills which will be beneficial for their future.

Year 10

Students will begin Year 10 looking at the work of Stanislavski’s Naturalism and Bertolt Brecht’s Epic theatre. This will develop and secure student’s knowledge of contrasting styles of drama.

Students will study two examination texts one of which will be in response to a live performance. Both texts will be studied in full through practical exploration. Students will complete work on this text in preparation for the final exam in Year 11.

Students will complete a mock devised performance in preparation for their externally assessed Devised piece in Year 11.

Year 11

Students will complete a devised performance using a stimulus set by the OCR exam board. They will also study and perform two excerpts from a centre selected text. This text will be studied practically in preparation for the final examination and will contrast to the other two texts studied in Year 10.

Students will develop their writing skills throughout the two years and this will prepare them fully for the final written exam.