Key Stage 4

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? In today's economy, answering ‘yes’ to this question is vital.

Over 100 million people speak German and Germany has the most powerful economy in Europe. It is the third largest industrial nation in the world.

German is also second only to English in the field of scientific publications. An increasing number of businesses recognise that good language skills are vital for improving trade.

Choosing German at GCSE will not only give students the chance to develop their  knowledge of  this  language  but  will  also allow them  to  improve  general communication skills, important in any job involving working with other people. The assessment covers the four areas of speaking coursework (30%), Writing coursework (30%), listening exam (20%) and Reading exam (20%) covering a variety of topics such as Leisure, Environment and Travel.

An optional visit to Cologne in Germany is also open to all students studying German at GCSE. Students can only take this course if you studied German in Year 9.

Year 10

In Year 10 Students start their GCSE course.  The course from 2016 onwards is assessed by 100% examination at the end of Year 11 and is split into 4 areas:  Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking.  We follow the AQA course in all three languages, where students are expected to speak and write fluently about the following topics in the target language:

Autumn term: My life at school, my studies, free-time activities including media, and German festivals and celebrations.

Spring term: Me, my family and friends and my relationships with others, food, health, home life and daily routine.

Summer term: Travel and tourism, post 16 education, jobs, career choices and ambitions.

Year 11

In the current academic year of 2016/2017, all Year 11 students take their controlled assessments in the final topic areas.  Through the course of this year they will complete at least one extra speaking assessment in the Autumn term and a written assessment in the spring term.  The summer term is dedicated to revision of the course and exam practise.

From 2017/2018 students will continue with their studies from Year 10 studying the following topic areas up until the end of the spring term, with the summer term dedicated to revision of the course and exam practise:

Global issues, charity and voluntary work environment and social issues. Exam Practise.