Key Stage 3

In music at Key Stage 3, students develop the skills, knowledge and understanding required to be a musician, through a series of practical units built around themes as diverse as The Beatles, Folksong, Music for Advertisements and Mobile 'Phone Ringtones.

A firm understanding of the standard conventions of staff notation underpins all of the practical work undertaken and students learn to apply this to instrumental performance focusing on graded keyboard work.

Singing is an important aspect of music at Key Stage 3 and all students take part in singing activities throughout the year which culminate in whole Year vocal workshops in July.

The skills which students develop in Key Stage 3 are designed to enable them to continue their study at Key Stage 4 without necessarily needing to have had private instrumental lessons, although many do.

Year 7

In Music Year 7 students will study the elements of music, music for Christmas and instruments of the orchestra. They will then look in to musical soundscapes and notation and keyboard work. In the final part of the school year students will study musical theatre.

Year 8

In Year 8 students will study the composition of ringtones, working with Chords, the origin of Jazz and the Blues, Improvisation, the Ukulele and Musical Theatre.

Year 9

In Year 9 students will study the origins of popular Music, The Beatles, Film Music, Composing for Film, Advanced chords and performance skills and Musical Theatre.