Key Stage 3

Year 7 Curriculum

In Year 7 the students begin by developing their geographical skills and extend their knowledge in a range of scales from local to global in Making and Mapping Connections. The students enhance their knowledge of physical geography in the topics of River Landscapes, Coastal Landscapes and Ecosystems. Finally, they investigate ecosystems and the protection of endangered species in Sustainable Conservation.

Key subject areas include:

  • What is Geography? OS Maps
  • Key skills: Writing, Photographs
  • Rivers, Coasts and Glaciation
  • River Flooding
  • Weather and Climate
  • Environmental Regions

Year 8 Curriculum

In Year 8 the students begin by developing their knowledge of Global Tectonics, Settlements and Cities. Students then study the human elements of Settlement and Sustainable Living where they investigate settlement, resources and energy use.  Finally, they will investigate the Global Climate.

Key subject areas include:

  • Global, Tectonics and Volcanoes
  • Settlement and Urbanisation
  • Resources and the Environment
  • Global Climate and World Issues

Year 9 Curriculum

In Year 9 the students will study The Human Environment. Through this they gain an insight into the advantages and disadvantages of tourism in a variety of locations, including our very own National Parks. Students then discover some of the extreme physical elements of Earth’s Wild Weather and Cool Climates. In the final topic of Population and Development the geographical issues countries face during different stages of development.

Key subject areas include:

  • India and Asia
  • Russia
  • Kenya and Africa
  • China: The Emerging Nation