Getting ready for winter


Since our last update we have been enjoying the good weather and have been busy tidying up the allotment ready for winter. 

There are still some tomatoes waiting to ripen and each week we have been able to pick and eat the ripe ones straight from the plants.

The runner beans have now finished and we will be gathering the seed pods before composting the plants.  We will dry the pods and remove the seeds ready for planting in the spring for next year’s crop of beans.

The plot which had our potatoes in has now been dug over and weeded.

We have measured our sunflowers and the tallest one has reached 2 metres and 94 centimetres – pretty tall!  We have enjoyed watching the remainder of this year’s bees and butterflies going in and out of the flower heads.  Hopefully there will be a crop of seeds soon.  The other flowers are still blooming so we are leaving them in for now.

We hope you enjoy our recipe below:-

Pumpkin Soup


Flesh (minus seeds) of 1 medium pumpkin cut into cubes

1 medium sized onion cut into small pieces

Regular sized tin of sweetcorn (drained) or frozen/fresh        

550ml Vegetable stock

250ml milk

Small amount of butter

Salt & Pepper


Melt butter in large saucepan and cook onions in it until soft.  Add pumpkin and sweetcorn and put lid on pan to enable juices to be released.  Stir well and add stock and milk, season and bring to the boil.  Simmer for about 20 mins then blend and serve.

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