Mr Sargent - Academic Team Leader
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Geography should stimulate students' interests and give them a wonder of the world around us, encouraging them to participate in and explore their environment.

Geography is about the real dynamic world, it addresses the complexity of the interaction between the human and physical world. It secures locational knowledge and the understanding of special relations. Geography develops a knowledge and understanding of current events, both local and global. It explains geographical patterns and processes both human and physical.

Geography at Dowdales strives to be topical, motivating, stimulating and challenging. We aim to give every student access to a relevant and interesting curriculum that provides students with a range of subject specific and transferable skills - graphicacy, literacy, numeracy, ICT, problem solving, team work, thinking skills, enquiry.

Students will be learning to make well-informed judgments about current issues e.g. decisions about the environment and sustainable development through their investigations, role-play and debate. Geography empowers all young people to become active global citizens, feeling confident to make decisions and contribute to the global geographical community in their adult life.

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