Mrs Bettinson - Academic Team Leader
Ms Holmes and Mrs Bostock - Deputy Academic Team Leader
Miss Aubrey   Mrs Armistead   Miss Bell   Mrs Brown
Miss Cox   Mrs Currie   Miss Hunt   Miss Jackson

The English department’s key aim is to give students an enthusiasm and enjoyment for English Literature and Language, which will continue with them into adulthood, so that our students achieve their best possible grades.

We believe that outstanding achievement in English gives students access to all areas within school and post 16.

English Language and Literature enriches lives, empowers and gives confidence. We challenge all students to make progress in English with every lesson aiming to motivate, engage and interest all.

Our department is made up of specialist teachers who are dedicated to developing their practise to ensure excellent teaching for all.

If you would like further information about studying English at Dowdales you can call us on 01229 469800 or email [email protected]

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