Bad Weather and Emergency Closures


Closure During the School Day

  • In the event of an emergency closure, please ensure that your child can get home safely or has made previously agreed arrangements to stay with a trusted friend’s family or another member of your family. We will assume that all students can enter their house safely unless they tell us that they cannot. Please ensure that your child knows what to do in the event of an emergency closure. We will look after any students who have nowhere to go or are “stranded” and inform parents/carers, staying with your child until you are able to collect him/her from school.
  • All parents/carers will receive a text message to inform them of any closure as well as the school                      website –
  • The office staff cannot telephone every student’s parents when buses are called early and sometimes our switchboard is jammed by incoming parental calls, which means that lines are not available, or students are at home before we could ring in any case.
  • If the bus companies advise us of deteriorating weather conditions, we will call the affected buses early and try to notify you. Please note that the buses are owned by private companies and operate through School Transport in Carlisle (01228 226044) and are not under the control of the school.
  • If the school has to close during the school day, we will ask Radio Cumbria, Bay Radio and the North West Evening Mail to announce this.

Closure Outside School Hours

  • In the event of the decision being made to close the school fully or partially, we will make every effort to put this information on the school website as soon as possible.
  • Decisions to close will be made as early as possible in the morning. School will liaise with the bus companies, minibus contractors and taxis as far as possible regarding travel conditions.
  • We will also inform you via the school website and the radio stations if the school is likely to  close for more than one day and when it will re-open.
  • Please listen to Radio Cumbria, (eg 95.6FM or 96.1FM, or North 756AM or South 837 AM) and Bay Radio which we use to communicate with families in these circumstances. The North-West Evening Mail website may also have information.

General Points

  • Please may I assure you that I will do everything possible to keep the school open if it is safe to do so.  Our main priority is the safety of every student and member of staff who work at Dowdales.
  • Please notify school if you cannot get your child to school because of poor weather conditions.
  • We will always try to run external examinations wherever possible and prioritise examination groups.
  • We ask that students are dressed appropriately for the winter months.