Allotment Club

Work at the allotment did not stop during the dark, cold and wet winter months. We have been there every Thursday after school and have concentrated our efforts on getting the polytunnel ready for this year. It has been hard work digging over the soil as a lot of it had become compacted when the tunnel was built. We are getting there now though and soon will be experimenting with some early lettuces.

Outside on the occasional times when it has been dry we have been turning over the soil.  It is very wet and heavy but by digging it over hopefully the air will help to dry it out a bit. 

Our seed potatoes are now in the shed in egg boxes – hopefully they will start to sprout. We have gone for an early variety this time called Arron Pilots because last year the potatoes were ready to harvest just as we broke up for the summer holidays – those were a mid-season variety. Last week we started digging out the trenches ready to plant the potatoes before we break up for the Easter holidays. With the addition of some manure and seaweed we are hopeful of a good crop.

A new member has joined the club in the form of “Digger” the allotment dog, which has been knitted for us by Matthew’s mum. This is now our mascot and sits in pride of place in the shed where he can oversee our work.

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